Venetian Apartment, Venice

Client: UK-based professional couple 
Photographer: Lisa Ferro
Executive Local Architect: Calafati Calafati Architetti, Venice

The apartment is located in a late 17th century palazzo and part of Protected Heritage (Conservation Area). Every single of our changes, from main ‘trifora’ windows to room layout & function, had to receive approval from La Sopraintendenza. We worked closely with a local architect – Calafati Calafati Architetti. 

Originally, interior was organized so the ‘best’ rooms (including master bedroom) were at the canal-facing front of the building. The small kitchen and a formal dining were in the rear, facing internal light-wells. Part of our refurbishment involved the reversal of this arrangement. Local boat-building plywood was used for all fit-out features (joinery); colour-stained in the kitchen and clear-varnished elsewhere. This choice underpinned our philosophy of careful conservation, respect to original fabric and unashamedly modern interventions, leaving the palazzo’s original splendour clearly juxtaposed with 21st century additions!